Book – Only You: a Memoir

Only You: a Memoir

by Eileen Obser

Released in April 2014 by Oak Tree Press

Reader Comments

“Eileen Obser’s memoir, Only You, is a poignant rite of passage story, one that stays with the reader long after turning the last page. Obser deftly captures the pain of a young marriage gone terribly wrong, the trauma of a man and a woman seriously out of sync during a time when people did not talk about what went on within the confines of a relationship. She speaks freely of the sexual complications that occurred in her marriage and the difficulty of keeping her burdensome secret. Hers is a story of breaking taboos, all the while wondering why things have gone so terribly wrong. She emerges intact—hers is the healthiest of approaches: getting to analyze and write about life with all its surprising complexities.”

—Lou Ann Walker, author, A Loss for Words, Editor-in-Chief, TSR, The Southampton Review

“Eileen has written a moving, disturbing account of the failure of her first marriage. She and Billy were in their late teens when they married; both came from lower-middle-class families in Queens, New York. Raised in Catholic guilt, they were products of the sexual repression of the 1950s. A recurring device in the book is reference to the popular songs of the era, both the early rock ‘n’ roll classics like “Rock Around the Clock” and “Hound Dog,” and the romantic ballads like “Hawaiian Wedding Song” and “Only You.” The latter song, a Platters hit, supplies the title of the book and also its greatest irony. This book is frank about sexual dysfunction. It is sad but not morbid, and in the end Eileen discovers independence and self-worth.”

—John M. Daniel, author, Generous Helpings, Behind the Redwood Door and Hooperman: A Bookstore Mystery