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Eileen Obser | My First Blog

So here it is, computer world: my first blog. I’ve never aspired to be a blogger, but well into the age of social media, and with my first book about to be published, I’m told it’s imperative that I join the long list of authors who commit their thoughts, their opinions, and their wisdom to cyberspace. Like other bloggers, I’m expected to post my words on a regular schedule, so that my presence is known out there.

Having lived and written on this earth for many decades, and now at the stage of weeding through my files, both paper and electronic, tossing some, holding onto others, I wonder – what will happen to all the new blogs? While my brain remains alert, I can remove them from the computer with a quick highlight, then a delete, on the keyboard. Should senility be my eventual reward for years and years of thinking and creating, someone I appoint can make the blogs go away.

But like the writing I’ve produced and published during my lifetime, the blogs will never entirely disappear. They’ll remain somewhere, showing up on Google perhaps, or hiding in people’s computers. Inside various Mac and Word files, and on I Pads and Kindles, some of my blogs may be immortalized.

If there’s a heaven, and if I’m lucky enough to wind up there, will we anointed ones be given computers? Will I be able to share my words with my fellow heaven-dwellers? More importantly, will I be expected to blog? Will that be a requirement for my residency? I guess I’ll find out, but I hope not for a long time. I still have all these blogs to write and send out down here on earth. That’s my mission. Stay tuned.

P.S. Look for my memoir “Truckin'” in this Thursday’s East Hampton Star (September 5 edition). It’s part of my memoir called Moving On, set in the mid-1970s. Go to www.easthamptonstar.com, then look for the Arts section, and hit “Fiction” — that’s where both short stories and memoirs are published. The essay under Read My Work on my website called “Dancing Hussy” is also part of this memoir.

17 Responses to My First Blog

  1. Mary Vettel says:

    Congratulations on your venture into the blogosphere, Eileen. Good luck with your foray into the world of social media. And, of course, congratulations on your memoir due out next year.

  2. Eileen, welcome to the wonderful world of blog. You’re off to a good start, with a handsome blog, a fine and well-constructed website, and a lot of accomplishment to showcase. Brava. As for the distant and permanent future, I don’t expect to find computers in heaven. I don’t want to see a bunch of angels hogging the tables at heaven’s Starbucks, tapping on machinery when they should be singing barbershop harmony!

  3. You did good! First, using your last name for the tag made me laugh. Keep it short, to the point, personable. The idea of a blog is to gently pull people into your and make them interested in you and possibly your writing. This is much like a journal that is to be shared. I always like humor and make sure there is a purpose, not just for me but for the reader to learn something.

  4. James Callan says:

    Well done, Eileen. but to address one question – if Heaven is all it’s cracked up to be, we will NOT have to blog. I’m looking for a vacation from social media in the great hereafter. My books will fly off the shelves to eager readers who write glowing reviews. And all without blogging or social media. That would be heaven.

  5. Marja McGraw says:

    Terrific first blog, Eileen! And I love your comments about heaven. I wonder if I’ll get to keep writing or not. Maybe we’ll be so happy to be there we won’t care, but I still have hope. : ) Love your website, too.

  6. Elaine Faber says:

    Welcome to Blog-a-delphia or Blog-York, or is it Blogangeles? Your website and blog look great. You’ll not be surprised to learn that I have about 100 cats waiting for me in heaven, as well as numerous family and friends, all surrounded by pine trees, rivers, blue sky and angels. And, of course, Jesus and his crew.
    As for book stores or Kindle, carrying all our books,? Not so sure. There might be something different by then, like angel voices reading all our books to the citizens through teeny earbuds plugged into each heavenly ear .
    Now, wouldn’t that be heaven?

  7. Ed Hannibal says:

    Eileen — in the ad world, we’d have saluted “Observations” as an ingenious example of hidden persuasion. You devil you.

  8. Jackie Beh Clark says:

    Yours is the first blog I am following –

  9. Chester Punicki says:

    Very slick web page. Well done. Who designed your website?
    Good luck with your book in January. I’ll take an autographed copy please, I’ll be your first customer.

    • Eileen Obser says:

      Thanks, Chester. Glad you like the site. Two writer/artist friends recommended John Collins (http://www.imagineutopia.com) who lives in Kansas. He was a pleasure to work with, and reasonable. By the way, he works a lot with real estate people. I’ll let you know when we’re having the book launch in January. Keep in touch.

  10. Eva Growney says:

    Congrats, Eileen! Enjoy this new venture. I will be doing a blog soon, as well. Its the way of the world, today!

  11. Congratulations on the first blog and the forthcoming memoir. Writing is its own reward, but it’s always nice to be noticed.

  12. A great looking website and blog. We won’t need blogs in heaven–we’ll be able to instantly communicate our thoughts with each other (that’s my theory). Hopefully all of the authors in heaven will be able to share their books that we missed reading on earth. Happy blogging!

  13. pat shevlin says:

    Wow, teach, very stylish webpage and your first blog gives testament to your talent! I do, however, hope when I get to the pearly gates that St. Peter does not ask if I used an “app” to arrive at my destination!

  14. marta chausee says:

    So I’m a bit late, but no less sincere. Congratulations on launching your blog and your first full-length book at nearly the same time! Off to order the book… 🙂

  15. Arlene SanMiguel says:

    Congratulations Eileen! I’m looking forward to reading your book when it comes out in January.
    Between your book and blogging, you are becoming famous 🙂 Hope to see you in class soon, I signed up on the first day of sign-up.

  16. Rita Kushner says:

    Eileen I’m so proud of us Brava for your blog And brava to me For finding you And starting to learn the iPad See you soon my dear

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